Germantown school district seeks to continue improving ACT scores

Aug. 29, 2014

Germantown — After a record year for ACT scores in Germantown in 2013, this year's scores are down slightly.

This year, the 286 students who took the test received an average composite score of 23.2, down from 24 last year. The number of students who took the test was also lower than last year's 324.

"Although the actual number is lower, keep in mind that the class of 2013 was the largest in this history of Germantown High School," said principal Joel Farren.

With a record 89 percent of students participating last year, they earned the highest score in the district's history. But Farren said he is satisfied with the district's 2014 results, as they are still above the state average composite score of 22.2.

"When you hit a record high like we did, the challenge is keeping it at that level or improving," said Farren, adding that the ACT is one of several measures used to assess students at the high school level. "It continues to be a priority in our school improvement planning."

A component of that planning has ensued as he and other district administrators like Director of Teaching and Learning Brenda O'Brien disseminate the data they receive on an ACT Profile Report.

"We have multiple measures indicating our scores on standardized assessments are very competitive," she said. "One district priority is to continually improve upon our curriculum so we truly 'empower and inspire every student,' which will ultimately lead to improved scores on the ACT and other standardized assessments."

In 2015, the test will be mandatory for all 11th-graders statewide, which Farren said may result in a slightly lower score again next year.

"Most North Shore Conference Schools have a high percentage participate like we do, so as we add 11 percent into the mix, it will be interesting to see what happens to scores," Farren explained. "The thought is that since these are students who normally do not chose to take it, that scores across the state could go down."


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