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The GAB Chapter Needs Closure...

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Politics, Quality of Life

The ‘death throes’ of our Government Accountability Board (GAB) are not something for the faint of heart.  I presume, and sincerely hope, that the GAB will be made over by the time the Republican-dominated legislature is finished and that our Governor will sign whatever the result is into law, but the GAB is certainly going through agony as that clock ticks away.

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Hillary Skates...

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A Stark Reminder...

U.S., Politics, People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

I had the experience this morning of watching one of the mothers who lost her son in the Benghazi disaster on Fox news being interviewed by one of the anchors.  This was a stark reminder of the simple fact that the committee chaired by Rep. Trey Goudy is very, very important…especially to this mother….and as it should be to every citizen of our country.

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Do It Our Way, Or We'll Take Our Ball & Go Home...

Politics, Wisconsin, U.S., People Making A Difference

 “What do we want?  Everything.  When do we want it?  Now.”

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Words of Wisdom...

People Making A Difference, Potpourri, Quality of Life

Andy Rooney was an interesting fellow and following are some of his ‘words of wisdom’ for a Saturday morning:

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