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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Democrats Look For New State Leader

Political, Wisconsin, Quality of Life

I’m pretty sure that Mike Tate is a decent guy. He has been, of course, the head of the state Democratic Party for the past six years as mentioned in the No Quarter piece by Dan Bice in this morning’s Journal Sentinel. Tate announced his decision to hang up his spurs at the end of this tour. His worst decision, in my opinion, was hiring Graeme Zielinski as the Party’s spokesman. That decision led to some of the nastier things I have seen and heard to this point in politics at any level. Zielinski seemed to have a problem with his off-the-cuff remarks. At least I think they were off-the-cuff. If they were what passed as well-thought comments by Zielinski, I am giving him way too much credit. The Democratic Party has suffered under Mike Tate’s tour at the helm. I suspect some of that suffering was simply based on the product being sold to the public, but some likely was simply the result of poor judgment by the Democratic Party leadership. That can’t all be blamed on Tate but he was sitting at the top of that structure and he was no doubt a big part of the decision-making that occurred on his watch. He claims to be leaving a stronger party in his wake, but the former party head takes umbrage with that statement. Bice characterized the recent elections as a “blood bath” for the Party. Wisconsin is an interesting state that has been pretty evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. Governor Walker won three races for his Governor’s seat but none of the three was what could be called a run-away victory. These past six years have been a good run for the Republicans. I’m not sure that Tate is entirely responsible for that. Even with a fairly even split between the two parties, there are people who think seriously about for whom they will vote. President Obama has had a hand in this mix too, I suspect, since his coattails were very handy for others in state level races. We’ll have an opportunity to see how well the Democratic Party does under new leadership in the future.

Government "Slow-Walking"...

Politics, U.S., Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

Government “slow-walking” is readily apparent all too often.  This “slow-walking” is the game that is played when a federal government employee is finally found to be incompetent, doing something illegal or simply goofing off.  These are civil service employees and they enjoy a level of protection not afforded to employees in the private sector.

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GAB Story Keeps Rollin' Along...

Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, Politics, Quality of Life

M.D. Kittle of Wisconsin Reporter has been the rough equivalent of a Pit Bull as it relates to his dogged (pun intended) pursuit of the story surrounding the Government Accountability Board (GAB) and the investigations it has been part of over interpretation of Chapter 11 of Wisconsin’s campaign financing statutes.  This chapter is essentially the driving force behind the John Doe investigation in which the GAB participated alongside Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm for low these many, many months consuming untold amounts of taxpayer funds.  Not to mention the toll that this whole experience has taken on those who have had their lives turned upside down in late night raids on their residences

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Tomah VA's "Candy Man"?

Military, Healthcare, Politics, Quality of Life, Wisconsin

The Tomah, Wi Veteran’s Hospital has earned a nickname that is astounding.  It is called “Candy Land” and that is not a sought-after euphemism.  That name evolved from the heavy-handed distribution of narcotic drugs to veterans.

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Did Petraeus Betray Us?

Military, People Making A Difference, Political, U.S.

General David Petraeus may have more problems in the very near future.  His case has been reviewed by the U.S. Justice Department and the findings indicate that he should be charged.  It now sits on the desk of Attorney General Eric Holder and news reports indicate that it isn’t uncommon for Justice Department officials to reject these kinds of recommendations.

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