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These stories just pop up from time to time, and I found this one very difficult to ignore, so…

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What Are The Odds?

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In the midst of the latest Powerball craze, I sought information that would give me a better understanding of just how Powerball works in its new iteration.  The following comes from a couple of sources one of which is a statistician from the University of Buffalo whose name is Jeffrey Miecznikowski.

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Affordable Care Act - 2016

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The rate structure for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a/k/a Obama Care, individual health policies in Wisconsin has increased on average with some plans at a reduced premium cost and others at an increased premium cost for 2016.

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'Show of Force?'

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Our ‘show of force’ appears to consist of a sixty year-old bomber that we know as the B-52.  Our President decided to overfly South Korea about 40 miles away from the border with North Korea as a reminder to the North’s dictator that he should not continue to play with thermonuclear weapons.  Another such fly-by was used not long ago in the Middle East.

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Women In Combat...

Politics, Military, U.S., Quality of Life

An interesting juxtaposition (the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect) presents itself in the morning Journal Sentinel on page 8 of the main section.  This has to do with women serving in military combat roles.  The Obama Administration has ordered that women be permitted to serve in all roles in our military.  I have blogged of my thoughts that this, while it may sound great, will not work well in all situations.  And yes, I do remember, that two females made their way successfully through Ranger training last year.

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