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Elections and Messages...

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Elections can send messages, and those can be either positive or negative depending upon whether or not they are consistent with your personal belief system and positions.  I don’t know what the turn-out statewide was yesterday compared to other similar elections, but some of the results caught my attention.

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Remember to Vote on Tuesday (Updated)...

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We are reminded, by the unfortunate and too early death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, that elections count and that some elections seem to count more than others depending upon the issues of the time.  In order to avoid having to decide which elections are more important than others, I find it much easier simply to vote in every election and I hope you do so as well.

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Justice Scalia's Death Carries Added Consequences...

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Justice Antonin Scalia left this earth at the age of 79 after being selected for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court and establishing himself as among the best members of the body this country has ever produced.  He was a conservative who had as among his best friends, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is very likely the most liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice we have today.  They maintained a great friendship even though they likely never argued or voted the same side of any case that they ever heard together.  That speaks volumes about both those Justices.

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Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card?

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The Clinton-Sanders debate last evening showcased a beautiful facility in Milwaukee.  I confess that I am not among the truly avid devotees of Democratic Presidential debates, but I was taken with the seemingly lavish praise by Hillary of President Obama and his policies.

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Elections Are Important, Even Primary Elections...

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The discussions about changes to Obamacare are coming from both major parties.  It is among the hottest topics in Washington, D.C.  The latest, if I am keeping up with this trend, concerns the implementation of the so-called Cadillac excise tax (40%) on health plans that offer benefits that are deemed extravagant by the writers of the bill.  This hue and cry is largely from Democrats since many, if not most, of the plans deemed too benefit-rich can be found in union situations.

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