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GAB Vote Must Be Taken...

Politics, Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, Quality of Life

The debate within state government over the future of the Government Accountability Board, the GAB, has stalled due to the apparent flexing of muscle, by four Republicans no less, whose votes are necessary to be able to pass the reform package.

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ISIS & The Plane Crash...

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ISIS (or the Islamic State) has made a statement suggesting that it caused the Russian passenger jet to break apart and crash.  It promises more information on the subject later.  Since there is credible information that the aircraft broke apart, the ISIS claim is certainly within the realm of possibility.  It was fairly well believed that no ground forces had missiles capable of knocking that aircraft out of the sky, so a bomb aboard causing the break apart would make sense.

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Those CNBC People Were Really Classy, Huh?

Politics, U.S., People Making A Difference

 The NBC News product is severely damaged as the result of the embarrassment that was the Republican Presidential candidate ‘debate’ on CNBC.  Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chair, to his credit has taken the NBC network to task, and properly so.

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Is Law Enforcement A Desirable Career Path?

Employment, Politics, Police, People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

Why do people want to be law enforcement officers?  We have but another example of why people really ought to think twice about becoming a law enforcement officer, and apparently ought to think at least three times before agreeing to an assignment as a school resource officer.

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Economy, U.S., Politics, Military, Quality of Life, Wisconsin

There are milestones…and then there are MILESTONES.

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