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Eye of the Beholder...

Potpourri, Quality of Life

A series of items caught my eye this morning...

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H1N1 - Where's The Vaccine?

Healthcare, Political, Quality of Life, U.S.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of HHS proclaims that there will be more than enough doses of H1N1 vaccine in time to thwart the "Swine Flu" threat.  She goes further to say that the U.S. will share its vaccine with other countries.

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Village Buzz - Police Dept. Elimination?

Germantown, Police, Quality of Life, Village Buzz

Among the potential cost-cutting changes suggested by at least one member of the Village Board was the elimination of the Germantown Police Department by replacing it with a Washington County Sheriff's Department contract.  This was thought to be a way in which the budget numbers could be lowered without seriously affecting village safety.

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Health Care Questions...

Healthcare, Political, Quality of Life, U.S.

Has the Democrat Senate lost its will on health care? 

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Village Buzz - Budget Debate: 2

Germantown, Police, Political, Quality of Life, Fire Department, Taxes, Village Board, Village Buzz, Wisconsin

The trustees came together last night as the Committee of the Whole to further discuss the budget for 2010.   Department heads testified regarding their areas of responsibility and the potential cuts if a "zero increase" budget were to be approved by the Board.  This was a confusing meeting; it was apparent that not all the trustees have a good grip on the budgeting process and that not all trustees are as concerned with some aspects as those in attendance seemed to be.

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