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The Fond du Lac Dilemma

Political, Quality of Life, Wisconsin

We are watching what could prove to be the action that caused the implosion of Fond du Lac.  We are watching this on the heels of Janesville's implosion.  We are watching this on the heels of news that Harley executives are looking at three other states for a new plant site that, ostensibly, would be used for the York, PA work if that plant is closed.

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New Health Bill Tactics

Healthcare, Political, Quality of Life

Amid heavy criticism and declining poll numbers so far as those who support health care reform measures, the Senate is considering breaking the health care bill into two pieces and passing the first piece under the "Byrd Rule" that permits a majority of 51 votes.  This would assure that the first piece would pass IF the Senate Leader can keep the Democrat members under control.  The first piece of legislation would include Federal subsidies to buy insurance, expansion of Medicaid and, of course, new taxes to pay for these two pieces.

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A Little Forgetful?

Potpourri, Quality of Life

Here is a ditty with which you may be able to identify.

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Quality of Life, Wisconsin

The roundabout that would've been constructed at the Wausaukee Road/Mequon Road intersection was ultimately replaced with a more traditional light-controlled intersection with turn lanes.  That happened after the process became a political 'hot potato'.  The concerns were centered on the fact that Mequon Road is State Highway 167 and that Wausaukee Road was a major feeder route for garbage trucks headed to and from the landfill just across the border between Germantown and Menomonee Falls.  Very serious accidents had happened in this intersection.

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Doyle Announcement

Political, Wisconsin

The rumor mills had swirled for several weeks with the prediction that Governor Doyle would not run for a third term, but each time these things surfaced, he beat them down quickly.  And then, the rumor re-surfaced and the only thing we heard was that the governor would make "an announcement" on Monday (today).  He did make his announcement.

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