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Watching Washington Work...

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You would be safe to assume that I spend a lot of time watching the goings on in our nations capitol.  Many of you probably do so as well.  The passing of one Administration and the beginnings of a new Administration provide much of interest.  There are always those who scream for retribution by the new against the old.  That seldom happens, although there are exceptions.

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Climate Change Drama Stuff of Fiction

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The climate change fanatics are in all their glory this week and next as the Copenhagen talks continue.  Our EPA has given the attendees something more to talk about as they work to put together something they feel is meaningful.

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(EPA) Environmental Perversion Agency

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Our Environmental Protection Agency became, by its actions, the Environmental Perversion Agency yesterday.

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"A Day That Will Live In Infamy"

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December 7th marks yet another anniversary of that day in 1941 when the United States was attacked by Japan when that country hit the Pearl Harbor naval force in a series of aerial attacks that killed thousands.  If you have ever had the opportunity to visit the memorial that stands today in Pearl Harbor, you probably came away with a feeling that those souls still inhabit the Arizona.

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Armies Break Things And Kill People...

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This phrase has been used to describe our armed forces; we have armed forces to impose our country's will on others through the use of force.  Armies have been on the face of the earth for centuries and they have always been involved in breaking things and killing people.  That is a tough and ugly statement, but it is true.

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