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Health Bill Support In Free Fall?

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As bits of the substance of the Senate health care reform effort continue to leak to the public, public support continues to drop.  We're closing in on a two-thirds oppose, one-third favor position and that spells real problems for the Democrats.

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Ticking Bombs: Unfunded Liabilities

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The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute released a report that was published in the morning Journal Sentinel.  It detailed the existing promises made to the Milwaukee Public School's teachers for health benefits following their retirement.  The total of those unfunded commitments is expected to be some $5 BILLION by 2016.  For just the Milwaukee school system.  Imagine the magnitude of all these promises if aggregated.

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'Fat Cat' Bankers?

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President Obama, in his Saturday radio address, used this term to describe the latest "enemy of the people" that has come into the politicians' cross hairs.  The insurance companies and 'big pharma' have had their turn in the barrel, so it stands to reason that it is time to roll out the next victims.

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Health Care Reform: Medicare Buy-In DOA?

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I have written several times about the opinions of Robert Laszewski who publishes a blog called Health Care Policy and Marketplace.  He has just issued his opinion that the Medicare buy-In proposed by Sen. Reid as the tool to get around the promise of a "public option" is dead.  That is a strong commentary from a knowledgeable and well-connected insider.

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Candidates vs. Office Holders

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The Obama speech at the ceremony where he received the Nobel Peace prize marked the stark realization that occurs when a candidate takes the office for which he or she campaigned.

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