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Follow The Money

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This phrase is simplistic but all too true when we look at politics and law-making.  Given the relatively low cost of running for local or county office, the money required is not "big money".  At the local level and county levels the "money" may be more the chance to rub shoulders with those who are successful, or to be able to be seen with important politicians or business people.

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The 9/10 Approach Returns

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We had a different approach to the fight against terrorism on 9/10 than we had on 9/11.  As we all witnessed the World Trade Center buildings collapse having seen the airplanes flown into them intentionally, we seemed to awaken to the threat that we had largely ignored to that time.

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Village Buzz - August 26th...

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School Board Moves HS Principal...

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From the Ashes?

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The healthcare reform approach often referred to as ObamaCare appears to be imploding as the result of the American people making their thoughts known during the August recess.  The most liberal politicians are seeing their dreams of universal single payer health care dashed once again.  The last time was when HillaryCare met an early demise as the American people began to understand just what that would mean to them and to their children and grandchildren.

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Puzzling War On The Elderly

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John Goodman, who heads the National Center for Policy Analysis, wrote an excellent blog today with the above as its title.

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