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The system worked...

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Our Healthcare Future...

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Two approaches to the future health care system exist and need to be made one before "reform" can be finalized and we can all begin the migration to our "new" health care system.  It seems that the Senate's version will hold sway when the process has finished since that is the body which needed the greatest amount of "compromise" in order to deliver the necessary sixty votes (forget the payoffs that were part and parcel, for now).  If the sixty votes were to unravel, the entire bill would be placed in significant jeopardy.  That is, unfortunately, too much for which to hope.  We need a 'do over' and it isn't going to happen.

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Y2K Was Yesterday

Quality of Life

Seems like the scare about the turn of the century, Y2K, was just yesterday.  I must've suffered a semi-Rip VanWinkel moment.  This century just started and it is already nearly ten years old.

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What Will It Take?

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What will it take to make us remember 9/11?  Will it take another version of 9/11?  Will it take the staggering loss of lives that we witnessed on 9/11?  Will it take an actual attempt, whether or not successful, on the seat of our nation's government?  What other symbols can they hit which will have the effect of making us think they are a superior force.

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Christmas "Gifts"

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This time of year has become, for me, a time to pay particular attention to the "gifts" I receive that weren't found in a store, or on-line.  I haven't always been the introspective sort; I have done my share of chasing down a 'material fortune'; I have paid more attention to self than to others.  Finally, I am becoming better able to see and value the gifts which have come to me that are more important and lasting than many others, and those include:

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