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Prime-time President

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President Obama once again rose to the podium in prime time and delivered the speech that was expected to clarify and add substance to his thoughts on health care reform.  The expectations created were probably too high; he didn't succeed in adding substance as I viewed the speech.  Maybe I expected too much since I am close to the health care delivery system, and since I've spent untold hours scouring the various bills and papers that have been created by sundry people in Washington, D.C.

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Public Funding Of Elections?

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A Journal Sentinel editorial today raised the question of public funding of elections.  The editorial related directly to the accusations of private influence on public officials; Jim Doyle was the official in this instance which certainly comes as a surprise to us all, I'm sure.

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Post-Labor Day Thoughts...

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Another Labor Day has come and gone, and we are back in the work-a-day world, if we're fortunate enough to have jobs.

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There are simply too many items to sort down to one, so...

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Village Buzz - September 3rd...

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More Than Meets The Eye...

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