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House of Cards or Pig in a Poke?

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The Affordable Care Act, now much better known simply as Obamacare, is experiencing some financial difficulties but the cavalry is riding to the rescue.  Or is it?

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Veteran's Day - 2015

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 Veteran’s Day 2015 is upon us and it is proper to thank all those who have served, and especially to thank the families of those who served and did not return, as well as for those who served and still linger with injuries and illnesses they incurred in that action. 

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Fox Business Debates...

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The Republican Presidential candidate debates tonight promise to be interesting.  Given the hosting channel, Fox Business, and the people who will serve up the questions and control the debate (if debates can ever be controlled), I expect we’ll see a very professional, no nonsense debate tonight.  The panel members are comfortable in their own skins and have no need to try to be the ‘star’ of the evening.

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Local Elections...

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I had the pleasure of serving as a poll worker in our village for the first time in the recent election deciding the issue of full time fire fighters.  Among the things I learned are that even a short shift (8 hrs.) is tiring.  I have a new appreciation for those who sit behind the tables and hand out ballots.  I also realize now that this is but a small part of their functions that can carry well into the night in those elections where there are large turn-outs.

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What If He Were Liberal?

Politics, Milwaukee County, U.S., Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

Sheriff David Clarke has the ability to figuratively set liberals’ hair on fire with his stated positions.  That seems to be the result of him being a staunch conservative and a black man at the same time.  We are seeing some of this with the candidacy of another black man, Ben Carson, who has the audacity to seek the office of President while touting the fact that he views himself as a conservative Republican.

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