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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Potpourri For Today...

Potpourri, People Making A Difference, Politics, Quality of Life

Today’s Journal Sentinel had a photo image of Venus Williams from yesterday’s Italian Open match against Katerina Siniakova.  That image can be seen here.  She defeated Siniakova (6-2, 6-2) so she can still play a tough game of tennis.  I was struck by how old she looks in this picture.  She was born on June 4, 1980 so she is 34 years old.  BUT

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Squandered Opportunities...

Politics, Quality of Life, People Making A Difference, U.S.

It seems that each time I hear the First Lady speak, she is talking about how she was the victim of some racial thing or another.  This seems the theme of virtually everything she talks about especially in settings such as a college campus where there is a preponderance of young black graduates listening to a speech which they think will be uplifting.  Instead they hear about how the First Lady, and sometimes her husband, had to overcome so many obstacles as the result of skin color and how unfair this system has been to her and to him.

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Physician Compensation By State

Healthcare, Quality of Life, Wisconsin, U.S.

A new report was just issued by a firm named Medscape that addresses the average compensation for physicians state-by-state.  It sounds like the results should make us Wisconsinites happy at least for the fact that we should be an attractive place for doctors.

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What Day Is Today?

People Making A Difference, Quality of Life, Politics, Military

How many of us remember today?  Today is VE Day.  Victory in Europe Day.

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Story Headlines That Found Their Way To Print...

Potpourri, People Making A Difference, Humor

The following are actual headlines that were written and printed to cover various stories, available thanks to a friend who loves this kind of thing:

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