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A Great American Love Story...

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The final chapter of one of our great American love stories was written yesterday with the funeral of Nancy Reagan conducted at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA.  The eulogies were almost unanimous in reciting portions of that love story as final respects were paid.  From all indications this was a classic “love at first sight” story involving then Nancy Davis and our future president Ronald Reagan.

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Dr. Carson Makes a Statement...

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I have just watched the press conference where Dr. Ben Carson announced his endorsement of Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party in the race for the presidency.  I was taken by surprise by that announcement.  It was interesting, as well, that this appears to have been a position taken by Carson to emphasize to the Republican Party that he believes it should be the people who pick their candidate and not the Party.  Frankly, this endorsement has more heft to it, for me at least, than that of Chris Christie.  I was, and still am, a bit suspicious of Christie’s endorsement waiting to see if it bought him anything; I have none of those feelings about Dr. Carson’s endorsement.

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Ugly Turn in Milwaukee Mayoral Politics

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The Milwaukee mayoral race seems to be bringing out the worst in one of the candidates, and that would be in the current mayor, Tom Barrett, judging from a radio commercial he (his campaign) is running now, or at least was until a local radio personality took it to the people yesterday.  The commercial may have been pulled by today.

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A 33 Year Old Megalomaniac Plays With Us...

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A 33 year old megalomaniac is working diligently to continue the control over “his” people in North Korea.  His country has now, according to his recent statement, perfected the sizing of a nuclear warhead to permit it to be fitted atop a missile.  That, of course, is his thinly veiled warning to us, to the United States of America, since we believe that we are now within range of his missiles, and that those missiles can now be tipped with thermonuclear devices.

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The Past Can Be Damning In The Present...

Politics, Quality of Life, Wisconsin

Some things follow us for a long, long time and then, just as we thought they might be forgotten…

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