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Presidential Temperament...

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We seem to be more and more attuned to the behavior of Donald Trump as we see more and more of him.  Certain expectations arise based upon things that happen to him or around him, and he most often does not prove those with such expectations wrong.  He is who and what he is. Period!

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A Couple of Things...

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The opinion page of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured a piece by David Shribman who is the executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with a headline stating “Two winners, two losers”  relating to the Iowa caucus day.  Shribman went on to identify the two winners as Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and identifying the two losers as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  His cutting words transcend politics since he took care of both Democrats and Republicans.

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On To New Hampshire...

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Republicans picked Cruz by about a 3.5% edge over Trump in ballots cast during the caucus event in Iowa.  That also saw Trump finishing in second (24.3%), with Rubio in a very respectable third place with 23.1% of the vote.  The nearest challenger after third place was Carson at 9.3%.

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Which Will It Be? Unlikeable or Unthinkable?

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Which will it be?  Unlikeable Hillary or Unthinkable Donald?  That is a distinct possibility as Iowans troop to their respective caucus sites tonight to cast their votes in the homes of fellow Iowans in the most unique approach to primary elections we have.

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Winners & Losers?

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Who won in the Republican Candidates’ Iowa debate hosted by Fox News last evening?  Mr. Trump may’ve scored just by not being there.  That made the process more appealing for me since I wasn’t wishing he’d be quiet or that he would quit with his assorted grimaces and faces.  His absence also served to make Mr. Cruz the target of most of the other candidates on the stage last evening, and that proved interesting.

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