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Industrial Park Bus Routes May Be Cut

Germantown, Employment, Village Buzz

The Milwaukee County Transit System is seriously re-thinking the bus loop that it created to help employees get to and from Milwaukee to jobs in the Germantown Industrial Park on January 18th.  It appears that due to low ridership that service will be pulled off the table.  The report is that no more than 7 people used that service on any given day.  This loop operated from a base at the Germantown Wal-Mart store.  You have probably seen the Transit System bus sitting idle at Wal-Mart in-between runs throughout the day.

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Obama: Don't overreact to terror...

U.S., Politics, People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

An Associated Press (AP) story in the morning Journal Sentinel is headlined Obama: Don’t overreact to terror.  The next line says ‘We will destroy Islamic State, president vows’.

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The UAW and Kohler Co...

Economy, Employment, People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

The UAW strike at Kohler Co. has shown a surprising, at least for me, gap between what the union has said to its members and what the company is saying to the press and its striking employees.  Maybe this is a genuine difference of opinion but one would think that facts would be essentially factual.  One or both sides in this strike may be at fault to one degree or another.

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Will They Or Won't They?

Politics, Terrorism, Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

Will they or won’t they?  Will ISIS/ISIL attack New York City as they warned in a recent video or will NYC be safe as the Mayor and the Police Chief claim will be the case?  Or might that threat be a ruse meant to keep us off balance while some other city is targeted such as maybe Minneapolis?

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The Press Is Frustrated...

Terrorism, Quality of Life, Politics, People Making A Difference

President Obama was irritated that the press seemingly was not intelligent enough to understand his policy and decision regarding the ISIS/ISIL situation in Syria as was evidenced by their repeated questioning seeking clarification yesterday of his earlier statements.  He basically decided that we are not going to do anything other than what bombing we are now doing to help France in its effort to degrade ISIS/ISIL.

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