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Paul Adair is a 21-year Germantown resident, retired scientist, writer, and lecturer.

I Agree With Marco

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During last Saturday's Republican presidential debate, Marco Rubio made what many people consider a campaign-ending gaffe. When NJ Governor Christie accused him of speaking in memorized sound bites, Rubio proceeded to sound like a damaged record and repeated the same statement over and over and over again. It is yet unclear if this poor performance will de-throne him as the latest last-best-hope establishment challenger to front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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Dark Money Groups Try to Buy Supreme Court Election

Political, Wisconsin

Get ready to endure countless hours of commercials for the upcoming state Supreme Court election. Deep-pocketed dark money groups are lining-up to buy the election for Scott Walker protege, Rebecca Bradley. A new dark money group, with strong ties to the state GOP, has announced a huge TV ad buy. Other far-right groups, who have supported Bradley in the past, are certain to follow.

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Politicians Vote to Cut Women's Healthcare

Wisconsin, Quality of Life, Healthcare, Political

One of the first accomplishments of the new Republican legislative majority in 2011 was to end state funding of Planned Parenthood. A million dollars a year that had gone to diagnosing and treating STD's, to providing contraceptives, and to cancer screening was stopped. As part of the budget bill for that year, your State Representative, Dan Knodl and your State Senator, Alberta Darling voted for the measure. Scott Walker was so proud of denying Wisconsin women basic medical care that he frequently crowed about it to crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Rebecca Bradley-Too Partisan for the State Supreme Court

Wisconsin, Political

After the bipartisan John Doe II investigation found clear evidence of illegal coordination between the Walker campaign and dark money groups, the Wisconsin far-right machine went into action. The radio squawkers and propaganda bloggers vilified the prosecutors. GOP legislators rallied to the aid of their embattled leader, enacting a series of disgraceful laws. Use of the John Doe procedure to investigate political crimes was ended. The non-partisan GAB was eliminated. The crimes of which Walker was being investigated were made legal.

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Employees and First Amendment Rights

Political, U.S.

I never thought that I would feel a need to defend racist jerks. However, there is a recent and growing trend on social media which greatly disturbs me. People who make racist comments in public or on internet forums, on their own time, are being reported to their employers. When public pressure is brought to bear, many of these people are fired from their jobs.

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