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Paul Adair is a 21-year Germantown resident, retired scientist, writer, and lecturer.

A Tale of Two Budgets

Political, U.S.

Federal budgets have recently been issued by several groups. The President revealed his annual budget, as described on the White House website. The House Republican majority issued its own budget, which will be up for a House vote this Wednesday. The House Progressive Caucus published a plan this month. A comparison of the latter two budgets clearly shows the stark differences in the priorities of the plan authors.

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Nine Reasons Ron Johnson Will Be a One-Term Senator

Political, Wisconsin, U.S.

Ron Johnson is one of the biggest targets for Democrats trying to re-take the Senate in 2016. Johnson was elected during the off-year GOP tsunami of 2010. Having never occupied public office, he did not have a record to defend for that campaign and seldom spoke in detail on the issues. However, the 2016 campaign will be very different. Wisconsin has had a chance to see just how extreme our senior Senator is, and we don't like it. Ron Johnson will not be re-elected to a second term. Here are several reasons why:

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What Would President Walker Do?

U.S., Wisconsin, Political

Last week, Right-to-Freeload was jammed through the legislature in an "extraordinary" session. Elected officials, who claim to represent you, took an active roll in passing this bill that will likely lower your salary and benefits. Alberta Darling cast the deciding vote in the State Senate and Dan Knodl was responsible for shoving the bull bill through Assembly committee .

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Right-to-Freeload Continues to Be Jammed Through Legislature

Political, Quality of Life, Wisconsin, Economy

The "emergency" GOP push to impose Right-to-Freeload on Wisconsin continues in the state Assembly. As admitted by Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, the bill must be rushed through the legislature so that Wisconsin citizens won't have time to communicate with their representatives. He wants to avoid letting his radical move get the in-depth examination it merits.

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Darling Casts Deciding Vote For Harmful Bill

Political, Wisconsin

Our own State Senator, Alberta Darling, cast the deciding vote for the Right-to-Freeload bill that passed the Senate last night. The final vote, taken in the dark of night, was 17 to 15. Without Darling's enthusiastic support, the destructive bill would have flamed-out in a 16-16 tie.

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