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Just Sayin'

Paul Adair is a 21-year Germantown resident, retired scientist, writer, and lecturer.

Democrats are From Vulcan, Republicans Are From Ferenginar

U.S., Political

The New York Times magazine section recently did a human interest story on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The article revealed that Cruz is a science fiction fan and especially likes the Star Trek series. During his interview, Cruz opined that Captain Kirk, from the original series, was probably a Republican.

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Corrupted Absolutely

Political, Wisconsin

An attempt was recently made by the state GOP majority (including our own State Sen. Alberta Darling) to exempt lawmakers from our Open Records Laws. Following a loud public outcry, that brazen proposal to scrap one of Wisconsin's primary defenses against corrupt government was abandoned.

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Who Do These People Represent ?

Political, Wisconsin, Economy

A March study revealed that Wisconsin's middle class shrank more than that of any other state over the 2000-2013 period. During that time, the proportion of state households considered middle class fell from 54.6% to 48.9%. About 220,000 Wisconsin families fell out of the middle class. Over the same period, the inflation-adjusted median income dropped from $60,344 to $51,467.

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We Lose Twice

Education, Political, Wisconsin

Several weeks ago, we discussed the reckless expansion of private school vouchers in Wisconsin. This scheme will ultimately provide unlimited tuition payments to religious and for-profit schools. Where does the money for this new entitlement program come from? It is yanked straight out of the public schools. Estimates are that between $600 and $800 million dollars will be siphoned from our public schools over the next decade.

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Plenty Left To Do

Political, Quality of Life, U.S., Wisconsin

Last week was one of celebration and progress for the American people. A fantasy interpretation of the ACA was rejected, allowing our healthcare system to continue working to insure more people and keep prices down. Now, no government bureaucrat in any state can deny adults the right to marry who they love. Citizens can bypass intrenched state politicians to demand non-partisan redistricting. And the 150 year-old flag of a group of slave-owning traitors is coming under justified criticism.

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