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Just Sayin'

Paul Adair is a 21-year Germantown resident, retired scientist, writer, and lecturer.

Political Winners and Losers of 2014

Political, Wisconsin, U.S.

Another year is almost over. As in the past, we review the year by selecting 2014's political winners and losers. With the off-year elections, this has been a pretty eventful 12 months. After much heated debate among the Just Sayin' staff, here are our choices:

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Let's Look On the Bright Side

It is depressing watching the direction that reactionary state and national politicians are trying to take America. State legislators are hell-bent on pushing a divisive "Right-to-Freeload" law, allowing some to benefit from union representation without paying for it. The US Congress is increasingly dysfunctional, with another government shut-down possible this week. Public education is being defunded, privatized, and politicized. Laws allowing all guns for everybody, everywhere are making us all less safe.

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Thanks A Lot, Suckers !

Wisconsin, Political

It took Scott Walker less than a month to repudiate everything that he ran on during his re-election campaign. It seems that he was willing to say and do anything to keep his job.

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But, Benghazi !

Political, U.S.

There has seldom been a more disgusting and craven exploitation of a tragedy than the 2-year GOP fixation with the Benghazi terrorist attack. Fox "News", echoed by the rest of the far-right media bubble, has fabricated lie after lie in a shamefully partisan attempt to discredit the US President and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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The GOP Senate's New Agenda

Political, U.S.

One of the big unknowns from the recent election is exactly what the Senate Republicans will do with their new and temporary majority. What laws will they pass? What will they do to for America?

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