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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Silver Linings

Education, Wisconsin, Political

The term “silver lining” is used to describe good things that seem to flow from adversity of one sort or another.  There are some silver linings in New Orleans that have evolved from the effects of Katrina in late 2005 and from the devastation that was wrought.

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The Debt Ceiling Show

Economy, Political, Quality of Life, Taxes, U.S., Wisconsin

The ‘debt ceiling’ show in Washington, D.C. may be over (or is over) as this page is read.  The process has been at times invigorating, angering, unbelievable, tiring, or just plain aggravating.

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Village Buzz - August 3rd

Village Buzz, Germantown, Fire Department, Police, People Making A Difference

The Neighbors Against Crime Night Out at the Police Department last evening was an enjoyable time.  I had the pleasure of serving as a volunteer and was able to interact with hundreds of Moms and Dads and children while convincing them to let me place a bright orange bracelet around their wrists as they registered.

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A Change of Pace...


Time for a little change of pace. 

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Why Stiffarm the FAA?

U.S., Quality of Life, Political

What was the ‘real’ issue that led to Republicans stonewalling the FAA bill that raised the hue and cry from the President and the usual suspects in the Senate and House?  While there might have been some Republican angst over spending increases to keep some small ‘favored’ airports running with big subsidization, that wasn't the entire reasoning.

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Village Buzz - August 8th

Village Buzz, Wisconsin, Political, People Making A Difference

Germantown’s voter turn-out on Tuesday, August 9th may very well determine the outcome in the 8th District Senate race.  Arguably, the Germantown turn-out in the last election is what carried Sen. Darling to victory, and that high level of turn-out will be needed if she is to retain that seat.  Our community’s vote has tended to blunt other parts of the 8th District in past elections and it appears that will be needed in this election.

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Remember To Vote Today

People Making A Difference, Wisconsin

VOTE.           VOTE.        VOTE.      VOTE.          VOTE.

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Village Buzz - August 9th

Wisconsin, Political, People Making A Difference

The polls today appear to have lines that require a wait of from thirty to forty minutes, at least as of about 10:45 this morning.  The bottle neck appeared, at least in my district polling place, to be the fact that the books containing voter information were not broken down into segments of the alphabet so that two or more segments could’ve been being served simultaneously.

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Time Flies

People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

Where does the time go?  I am attending a funeral service today for one of my last aunts and was very surprised to learn from her obituary that she was only 17 years older than I am.  I thought that just had to be a mistake but I guess it isn’t.

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Quite Presidential

Political, Economy, U.S.

Quite Presidential, indeed!

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What Did You Make of the Iowa Debates?

Political, U.S., Quality of Life, Economy

What did you make of it all…the Republican Debate, that is?

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A Bump in the Road for ObamaCare

U.S., Wisconsin, Healthcare, Economy, Quality of Life

ObamaCare hit another pothole on the road to full implementation.  The 11th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a two to one decision (with a Clinton appointee in the majority) that the requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance was unconstitutional.

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Village Buzz - August 15th

Village Buzz, Police, Quality of Life, Wisconsin

Concealed carry is soon to become legal in Wisconsin and you have no doubt seen the small signs that suddenly popped up at intersections advertising classes.  I know that hunter safety courses as taught currently in Wisconsin are considered adequate for a concealed carry permit, but there seems to be more than simply gun safety involved.

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An Enlivened Republican Race

Political, U.S.

The entry of Rick Perry into the field of Republicans seeking their party’s nomination for the office of President of the United States has transformed that race.  That hit, of course, in the midst of the Iowa ‘straw poll’ and had some people quite upset with its timing.  Others thought it a stroke of campaign genius.

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A Change I Can Hope For...

U.S., Political, Quality of Life, Economy

Rick Perry has been officially in the race for President for several days and has already taken over first place amongst the declared candidates on the Republican side of the equation.  The most recent Rasmussen polling shows the “generic” Republican candidate polling up 6% over President Obama.

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Tighten Recall Rules?

Political, Wisconsin, Quality of Life

We have weathered the “recall elections” after additional millions of dollars were spent.  There is now discussion, and there will be a bill proposed, about changing the state’s constitution as it pertains to what would constitute grounds for recall.

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Garage Sales...

Potpourri, Quality of Life

I don’t recall ever being the host of a Garage Sale before but that changed over the past Friday and Saturday. Our daughter, who lives in Colorado, was home for a visit and thought she’d help us rid ourselves of the basement ‘clutter’ she hears complaints about during our regular telephone visits.

The experience was…an experience; that is probably the best word to use to describe the day and one-half.
We enjoyed virtually every person who strolled up the driveway and through the garage, young and not-so-young alike. There were, admittedly, a couple of people who were more difficult to enjoy, but even they had some redeeming qualities (although I had to search awhile to come up with those). We had decided we were ready to open earlier than our advertisement indicated, and a lady who happened past at the advertised time was a bit perturbed with us for having violated this apparent Cardinal Rule of Garage Sales…”Never open before the advertised time!”
I had some of the tools I seldom, if ever, use any more on display. One of the items had the original price tag on the box that had never been opened and one gentleman said, as he looked at the original price and my asking price (which was less than 20% of the price paid), “What were you thinking?” with a smile on his face. I had to admit that I hadn’t been thinking too well that day, but really thought I was going to make picture frames and therefore NEEDED that holding device to be sure they were square. I have no picture frames to show for it either.
We had three customers return for more which surprised me, but another veteran of such things asked if they had simply returned to see if we had marked ‘stuff’ down from the already ridiculously low prices or if we were more susceptible to taking counter-offers. And I thought they just liked us so much they wanted to come back to visit some more; but the veteran was probably correct.
The benefit of this effort includes a less cluttered basement that we can begin to fill again, a Goodwill establishment that got a SUV-load of remainders that didn’t sell, visits with neighbors who usually just drive past on their ways to and from (just as I do), meeting some very nice new people and the freeing up of quarters and dollars “invested” in the assets of which we were able to rid ourselves.
It was actually sort of fun and I find myself thinking maybe we should do it again someday…if my spouse doesn’t threaten to take me to divorce court or to have me committed for observation as the result.


Village Buzz - August 24th

Village Buzz, School Board, Germantown, Education, Quality of Life

School systems making changes in health plan providers are obviously big news these days.  It seems almost impossible to read any publication in the past several weeks without seeing something about such a change.

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Village Buzz - August 25th

Germantown, Village Buzz, Quality of Life

Washington County is conducting another Clean Sweep program on October 15th in West Bend.  You can click here for the website that will take you deeper and deeper into the facts about what is and what isn’t acceptable on this site.

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Much Ado About Nothing?

Wisconsin, Political, Quality of Life

I am tempted to simply dismiss the foolishness over Supreme Court Justice David Prosser as “much ado about nothing”.

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Village Buzz - August 29th

Village Buzz, School Board, Education, People Making A Difference

The announcement by Dr. Erdmann that he was resigning from his Board of Education seat and the Board Presidency was a surprise, at least for me.  He had been a fixture for quite a few years.  That obviously leaves a seat open and six members still in place.  First, he is to be thanked for taking this length of time from his personal life to serve on the Board.  I know from conversations with other members that this can get to be a huge consumer of time between meetings as well as at meetings.

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Village Buzz - August 30th

Village Buzz, School Board, Quality of Life, Education, People Making A Difference

As the “debate”, such as it is, continues in some of our public school systems across the state, I am reminded of the disconnect that exists between some of our public school employees and the great majority of our other workplaces’ employees.

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A Life Lesson

Potpourri, Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

Isn’t it remarkable how something can seem so cut and dried to us but be viewed completely the opposite by others?

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