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Tax Day on the Square

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We can expect that the news from Madison tomorrow will feature the unruly hordes of Tea Party people that descended upon the Square.  That there probably will be no unruly hordes won’t likely stanch the flow of the bad news.


Another organization has been formed with the express purpose of causing problems at the various Tax day gatherings around the country to make the Tea Partiers seem to be true outliers rather than just plain old ordinary citizens who are tired of having their rights trampled and their pockets picked with ever-increasing taxes and fees.


The mainstream media has had a very difficult time admitting that the people who are ‘up in arms’, to use an old phrase, are regular citizens who have tired of their politicians saying one thing while campaigning and doing another thing after being elected or re-elected.


The talking heads on the left are spinning their stories attempting to paint the people who assemble so peaceably as right-wing extremists and crackpots.


The crowd count reported will be quite a bit less than the real numbers since larger numbers being admitted come too close to suggesting some kind of legitimacy for this movement.  The Capitol police were instructed to end their practice of crowd size estimates prior to the rally of this group last year.  That seemed conveniently timed, but there is no ‘proof’ of any ulterior motive behind that decision.


All in all, this exercise in the right of the public to gather peaceably to protest what their government is doing and/or isn’t doing has been a great demonstration of what our founding fathers had in mind all along.  That it has been seen as threatening by many liberals would seem to be a tacit admission of its success.


I’ll be interested in the television news cycle tomorrow evening and in the print media on Friday morning.

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