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The 'F--- Bomb'...

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The Vice President uses the 'F--- Bomb' and the Administration’s Press Secretary treats it humorously. Newscasters make it a joke.  This isn’t the first time, and with this Vice President it will certainly not be the last time.


This is not a surprise.  Mr. Biden has been known, for way too long, as a person who makes verbal “gaffes”.  A “gaffe” is defined as “socially awkward”.


This isn’t about Joe Biden or the Administration.  It is about how far we have permitted ourselves to slip as a society.  I am in my sixth decade of life.  I still remember what was and wasn’t acceptable in our America when I was a kid, a young man, a middle-aged man and now part of the ranks of senior citizens.


Our society has lost its moral compass; this use of the 'F--- Bomb' is simply an outward example of just how far we’ve slipped.  At the very least, we have lost the ‘moral compass’ that existed in my earlier life.  This simply was not a word that was used except in the closed societies of the armed forces, for example, and even in that environment, it was not regularly heard or spoken.  Today, it is used at the highest levels of our nation’s government and it is used on a very regular basis.  If it weren’t used regularly, there would be a greater hue and cry over Biden’s “gaffe”.


We are on many, many slippery slopes…unfortunately.  Those slippery slopes bring us to new depths, and this is evident if you’ve lived long enough and permit yourself to think about it.


The line between permissible and impermissible public, and private, conduct continues to be moved in the direction of further laxity.


Some will identify with this Blog and nod their heads in agreement.  Others will ignore it; and still others will pooh-pooh it and call me a prude…or worse.


There is a simple fact involved, though.  In too many ways, our society is slipping further and further down the ‘slippery slope’.  There is a bottom down here somewhere.  There has to be a point beyond which we simply cannot slip further.  What will that place be like, I wonder?  What will still be sacred?  What level of foul language will have become the norm and when will our society reach that point?


We could clean up our act if it meant anything to us.  We could avoid the use of foul language if we chose; “been there and done that” as the old saw goes.


Certainly those ‘authority figures’ in our lives could, at the very least, set better examples.  Certainly these "gaffes" could be restrained to at least private conversations.


We’re better than this.


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