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Tumultuous Political Year

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We are in a most interesting political year.  It has already been tumultuous simply from the perspective of the number of current officeholders who have opted to drop out of politics.


On the local level, we vote today to narrow the field of Village President candidates from three to two with President Kempinski having decided to hang up his spurs.


On the state level, we have several exciting races underway with Governor Doyle having decided to avoid embarrassment and opting against a third term race, but still trying to “help” us on his way out of office given the Democrat majority in state government.


The national scene, though, seems at least as interesting, if not more so.  The announcement yesterday by Sen. Evan Bayh (D) of Indiana that he was dropping out of the Senate after two terms was among the most surprising departures.  He had polled well in Indiana were he to have run, but he decided to pull out of the District and return to Indiana.


We have seen the “Kennedy seat” taken away by a more conservative Scott Brown (R).


We have seen the ‘last Kennedy’, Patrick, decide to leave his congressional seat from Rhode Island.


We have seen the steamroller of “Hope and Change” brought to a crawl with many who voted for President Obama now souring on his agenda.  The seemingly perfect campaign has proved not-so-perfect in governing, to the point that the campaign mastermind is back at the White House now.


All this raises the old bromide that ‘nothing in politics is as it seems’.


Underlying all the activity that we are witnessing is a very involved population.  Citizens who haven’t been involved are becoming more politically-attuned.  People are more visceral so far as their views about state and country.  There is a nearly palpable feeling in the political air.


Something is happening.  We’ll have to wait until all the elections are done and all the votes are counted before we can begin to see what it was that we are feeling today.  But of one thing we can already be sure…something is happening since more people have gotten involved.

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