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Read His Lips

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Read his lips.


President Obama has just told us that he is “agnostic” about tax increases after preaching over and over again, during the campaign for his current office, that if we make less than $200,000 as an individual or $250,000 as a couple, we’ll not see our taxes increased by even “one dime”.


This is parallel to the first President Bush who told us to read his lips, and who then permitted himself to be co-opted by the Democrats over a tax increase.  That president found himself out of office as the result of his transgression.


Then-candidate Obama used the “no tax increases” mantra for more than a year while he was on the campaign trail.  The television footage available to confirm that fact is ample.  At almost every campaign stop, this was a central theme.


Now he is “agnostic” about tax increases.  After all, there is a ‘systemic’ revenue shortfall in government.  Why is it always a revenue shortfall and never too much expense?


An “agnostic” is defined as “someone who is doubtful or noncommittal about something”.  That was not the Barack Obama who was running for the presidency.  He was never doubtful…about anything.  Everything was rock-solid.  Now it seems that maybe, just maybe, he knew all along that he was simply assuring that he’d be elected without any real regard for what the realities were.


Those of us who still pay income taxes are about to have it stuck to us yet again.  Read his lips: your taxes are about to increase…and they are going to increase by many, many dimes.


If he has tired of the office he has held for little more than a year, as some have suggested, he seems to be doing his level best to end his tenure following the 2012 election cycle.  Keep up the good work!  More and more, we find ourselves hoping for change.  The polls bear that out, as well.


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