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Village Buzz - February 10th (Updated)

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Village President Candidate’s Forum


The Chamber-sponsored forum held last evening at the Village Hall attracted between 30 & 40 hardy souls.  Dean Wolter and Charlie Hargan were present.  Jim Langer had been expected according to an earlier release by the Chamber but indicated he had a previous engagement that precluded his attendance.  The forum was televised, as well.


A “Quorum Notice” had been posted indicating that a quorum might be present.  There was a quorum in the room.


The questions had been submitted, at least in part, by residents and were presented to both candidates to be answered.  Times were controlled and both were very good about observing the allotted times.


A broad range of topics was covered; some questions were more esoteric than others but all were handled quite well by both participants.  I would be hard-pressed to call a winner between the two.  I do think that Jim Langer probably caused himself some damage by not being present regardless of the reason.


My opinion is that either man present last evening will prove to be a thoughtful Village President.  Obviously, each has a different approach on certain issues, but that is why we have elections.


Again, this forum will be available to the two who survive the primary election to be held on Tuesday, February 16th.


Squad Crash Update


Chief Pete Hoell has confirmed that, in his judgment, the SUV (canine unit) was totaled and he expects the second squad will prove to have been totaled.  The accidents involved a semi hitting the first unit (the SUV) with Officer Ray Borden receiving injuries to his head and chest.  He will be off duty for three days as the result but is expected to fully recover.  Borden’s sense of humor was apparently undamaged according to Chief Hoell. 


The second squad was damaged, while that officer was setting up flares, when the tow truck that had been dispatched hit it.  That officer was not injured.  (NOTE: The tow truck had not been dispatched for this accident from Homer's, but was simply driving past the scene as it did its job for another company.  Chief clarified his earlier comment after reading this item.  Thanks Chief.)


Chief Hoell indicates that both the driver of the semi and the driver of the tow truck were at fault, in his opinion, but that this seemed to have been prompted by drivers failing to move into the opposite lane for emergency vehicles.  The two incidents are under investigation, one by the State Patrol and the other by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.


There was no mention of injuries to either of the other two drivers.


The village should have no expense as the result of these two units being hit. 


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