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Health Care Questions...

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Has the Democrat Senate lost its will on health care? 

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) was given a solid blow to the gut yesterday when his 'cure' for Medicare was defeated on a procedural vote with 13 Democrats voting against it.  The vote dealt with Medicare physician reimbursements and may well have cost the Democrats the support of physicians for any health care reform measure this year.

Why the delay on health care reform actually kicking in even if approved?

The health reform bills being crafted behind closed doors supposedly delay the actual start-up of definitive actions until after the next presidential elections.  Do you suppose there is any significance to that timing?

Is it possible that the Obama Administration knows that it is going to create a national health care plan that won't work, and it will likely not get re-elected if the people have come to understand that to be the case before that election rather than after that election?

This is a can of worms.  The issues are being intentionally obfuscated so as to keep the public in the dark just long enough to make the changes to current programs.

A very simple but telling test remains:  If this is going to be so good for us all, why is it that federal employees, elected officials and union members are being given a pass, in some cases forever?

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