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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Things Political....

Wisconsin, U.S., School Board, Political, Education, Germantown

Governor Walker's Act 10 bill was hit by a federal judge who found that unions could not be required to re-certify on an annual basis, and who found that the State of Wisconsin must collect union dues as has been done for many years.  That was not quite the victory that it is being billed to be, but it does take a little of the sting out of Act 10 from the unions' perspective.  It is a long way from overturning the law.

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Political, Germantown, Wisconsin

A person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, esp. one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.

There are several threads found on the page of Germantown Now where this blog is found.  If you read, or have read, the comments that stream on and on, you will find that one side has been labelled 'extreme' because it doesn't agree with the other side on the issue of voting for or against the people running for seats on the school board in today's election.

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Election Decisions...

Political, Germantown, Education, School Board, Wisconsin

The races for Germantown School Board seats were about as I had expected in this largely conservative district.  The group of three who were touting their conservative perspectives won rather decisively (with margins of 2-1 or better).  This was a highly contentious set of races and we will now observe what this means for the School Board.  Will there be contentious issues through-out the terms of these new Board members, or was that discussion largely politically-driven?  Will these races prove to have been the precursor to a more contentious overall political climate, or was that largely the result of the 'education system' being the driver of those feelings?

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Only $200,000?

Wisconsin, Political, Quality of Life

The Journal Sentinel reports this morning that it cost less to restore the Capitol than earlier estimated by the Walker Administration.  The actual cost was 'only' $197,459 as of March 15th, so obviously the Walker Administration was guilty of over-estimating the costs when it initially forewarned that costs could be as high as $7.5 Million.  The actual costs were comprised of the following:

-$65,000 to reseed grass and replace trampled shrubs and bushes

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The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs - Richard Cummings Version

U.S., Taxes, Political, Quality of Life

This, from Lew written by Richard Cummings, seems to have a particular message that would be helpful for us to consider today, and tomorrow and for months and years to come.

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Village Buzz - April 9th

Germantown, Police, People Making A Difference, Quality of Life, Village Buzz

This is National Telecommunicators Week and it is good for us to take a few moments to think of those folks and thank them for their efforts to help keep us all safe and sound.  The following is a memorandum that was sent to the department by GPD Chief Pete Hoell:

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GPD Staff,
National Telecommunicators Week is April 8-14, 2012. I wrote the below piece last year in honor of our Communication Officers and would like to share it with you again this year in honor of their hard work and dedication if you would care to read it.  
Having been married to and worked with emergency services dispatchers for a long time has inspired me to write this.
I think many people may feel that a police dispatcher’s job is a safe and secure job because they are located in a dispatch center safe and secure from the direct threat of the call they are dispatching. I have learned that to be the furthest from the truth. In order to understand this, we must see through the eyes, hear through the ears and feel through the heart of a dispatcher.
A dispatcher is the link between the call and the officer. They are directly involved in the call. They take on the responsibility for the safety and security of the caller and the officer, the caller is asking them for help and it is their job to find them the help they need. When they dispatch the officer to a call, it is not simply dispatching an officer; they are sending one of “their” officers into harm’s way. They feel a sense of responsibility to keep their “guys” safe. They know that the amount of information they obtain for the officer is critical to the officer’s safety. I have come to learn that even though the dispatcher may not physically be at the call with the officer, they are there mentally; they are there with him/her and feel the stress of the unknown. And god forbid something goes wrong with the call, or the incident is very tragic and or horrific, psychologically a dispatcher is directly involved and mentally they are there with the officer(s). There are also those calls that tragedy occurs while the caller is on line with the dispatcher, those calls always come with the “what could I have done to have changed the outcome of the call” the majority of the time there is nothing a dispatcher could have done differently, but the weight of the tragedy they have just been exposed to is still very real.
Experts say that during WWII more soldiers were lost to the psychological impact of war than to the physical injuries. So even though a dispatcher may not be exposed to the physical tragedy of the call, the psychological dangers are very real and just as damaging. I am very grateful for those willing to put themselves on the line and expose themselves to the dangers of emergency services dispatching. It is truly an occupation in which the dangers are unrepresented.
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Memories of Youth

Wisconsin, Quality of Life, Potpourri, People Making A Difference

An article in the morning Business section of the Journal Sentinel caused me to reflect on my childhood. The article discussed the three new cheese plants that are to be built in Wisconsin in the course of the coming year to year and one-half.

My dad was a cheese maker when I was a little guy, and in that era they didn’t make cheese in ‘cheese plants’, they made cheese in ‘cheese factories’. My recollection is that there were some 1,500 cheese factories in Wisconsin and they dotted the country-side where ever there were herds of cows. The factories nearly all looked similar…to the point that I can still pick out old buildings that had once been cheese factories simply by the way they’re built.

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Newt Has Romney 1-on-1 Finally?

Political, U.S.

Newt Gingrich was asked by Mike Huckabee about Santorum’s leaving the race.  He is reported to have said something about finally having Romney 1 on 1 and that there might be a debate between the two of them.

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A Great Commercial

Political, U.S.

Check out this commercial

The Donald's View of ObamaCare...

U.S., Political, Healthcare, Economy, Quality of Life

A piece attributed to “The Donald” Trump hit my inbox yesterday and it actually seems to sum up the “Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act” (PPACA/ObamaCare) quite succinctly.  Here is the summation:

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MATC Changes Coming?

MATC, Political, Taxes, Education

Change is coming to MATC courtesy of the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker, and it seems that there are some at MATC who don’t see this as being advantageous to their situation.

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Saturday Reflections...

U.S., Wisconsin, Quality of Life, Political, People Making A Difference

On this Saturday morning, I began to reflect on things of the past; things of the past few days, of the past few months, of the past few years and of the past few decades.

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Newsmax Poll Results

U.S., Political, Quality of Life

An interesting online poll by Newsmax caught my eye late last week.  The results are posted below:

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Ignorance Might Be Bliss, But...

U.S., Wisconsin, Taxes, Political, Quality of Life, Economy

The so-called ‘Buffet Rule’ was voted down yesterday with a 51-45 count against.  There were a required 60 votes for this to move forward.  No one expected this to go forward; this bill was not going anywhere; the vote was staged to purely score political points moving into the coming election season.

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Lame Ducks Might Foul Our Nests

U.S., Taxes, Political, Economy, Quality of Life

We are seeing nothing much happening in Congress at the moment given the Presidential race and the coming fall elections.  While that can be viewed as a good thing since Congress isn’t cramming some dumb bill down our throats, there is a firestorm to follow.  It is known as a “lame duck” session and it is going to be huge.

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Village Buzz - April 19th

Village Buzz, Education, Germantown

The news reports concerning a Germantown teacher arrested by Milwaukee Police but who had not yet been charged made me step back and take a deep breath.  My first reaction was “I hope there is nothing to this but the District has already conducted an investigation” according to the reports.  I know that these kinds of things go on but don’t want to think they can be happening in Germantown.

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Free Speech Threat?

U.S., Political, Quality of Life

Congressional Democrats have unveiled a new effort.  They would like to see the Citizen’s United versus Federal Election Commission decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 reversed.  Nothing too serious involved unless you think that free speech is important and that any infringement is not to be tolerated.

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Village Buzz - April 21st

Village Buzz, Education, Quality of Life

It is now in the public domain, and no longer simply rumors in the hallways of our schools.  Eric Glass, 29 years old and a math teacher and freshman boys basketball coach is charged with sexually assaulting a 17 year old female student.  He is in jail, has been on unpaid leave from the school system since Wednesday and now faces serious prison time if convicted.

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Where is the 'Post Office' headed?

U.S., Quality of Life, Political

I came across a Motley Fool piece written by Rich Smith that discussed the dilemma our U.S. Postal Service faces.  It discussed the alternatives that the ‘Post Office’ has available to it in order to overcome the issues that beset it.

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Are We the Next Europe?

U.S., Taxes, Economy, Political, Quality of Life

Our country has added more debt in the first term of President Obama than was added in all the terms of all the presidents before him.  We threaten to ‘stimulate’ ourselves into long-term debt problems the likes of those Europe experiences today.

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The "Presumptive Nominee"

U.S., Political, Quality of Life, Economy

The Republican National Committee has begun the working process with the Romney campaign with four Romney staffers moving to the RNC and with Reince Priebus stating that Mitt is the ‘presumptive nominee’ of the Republican Party.

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Where Do We Stand Today?

U.S., Potpourri, People Making A Difference

Real Clear Politics is a poll that averages most of the other significant polls believing that this provides a better and more nearly perfect result.  This poll shows that, for the period of 4/11 through 4/24, President Obama had an approval rating of 47.9% compared to a disapproval rating of 47.6%.

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Great News or What?

U.S., Healthcare, Quality of Life, Political

Great news or not necessarily great news?  There is a story making the rounds yesterday and today concerning health insurance companies being forced to make a rebate to Wisconsin individuals and employer groups of some $16.8 million dollars.  This is part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a/k/a ObamaCare) and has really resonated with consumers who are very happy to see the insurance company take it in the shorts.  After all, almost everyone’s health insurance premiums continue to increase virtually every year.  (We conveniently forget that we cause those increases through our utilization, poor health, etc.)

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Imagine My Joy...


You have no doubt seen the Just Sayin’ blog that has been featured on the Germantown Now site for the past several weeks.  I welcomed Mr. Adair as a new fellow blogger off-line, and he told me that I’d probably find his writings a bit more on the liberal side of issues than are mine.

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Funny Stuff...Unless You're a Trial Attorney, I suppose


I have no idea if these are or aren't actual quotes, but these are funny:

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