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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Quite Conservative "Humor"...


Take this as fair warning; my biased approach to sick humor follows:

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Village Buzz - March 16th...

Germantown, Political, Village Board, Village Buzz

The Village Buzz of March 13th indicated that any responses from any of those involved would be included in an upcoming blog.  I have received a response from Jim Langer and that follows:

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Where Are All The Cuts?

Economy, Political, Quality of Life, Taxes, Wisconsin

We have heard the governor tell us that this budget is packed with cuts to this, that and the other but that seems a bit inconsistent with the reality.

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Village Buzz - March 13th...

Germantown, Political, Quality of Life, Village Board, Village Buzz

Disappointment On Several Levels...

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Prevailing Wage?

Economy, Political, Quality of Life, Taxes, Wisconsin

Governor Doyle has offered up a contribution to the labor groups that have perennially supported his candidacy for office.   It is a little thing called the prevailing wage requirement for any project undertaken in Wisconsin that uses public funding.

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