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Our President & Global Warming...

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The display of President Obama declaring that ‘global warming’ is the greatest threat our country and the world faces defies reality.  We face a greater and more immediate threat in the world that the President seems to wish would go away since he isn’t actively taking any meaningful steps to engage it; and that is the threat of terrorism represented by ISIS/ISIL.

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Handel's Messiah Arrives Again...

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There are a number of us hearing words and tunes in our quiet times as this Christmas season fast approaches.  Those I refer to are members of the Milwaukee Area Messiah Community Chorus and Orchestra who have been practicing this wonderful work in order that we may deliver two presentations pre-Christmas.  Those presentations are to be held on Friday, December 4th at the Brookfield Christian Reformed Church at 14135 W. Burleigh Rd. in Brookfield at 7:30PM (doors open at 7:00PM), and on Sunday, December 6th at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church at 6031 W. Chapel Rd. in Mequon at 3:00PM (doors open at 2:30PM).

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Is A Human Life Really So Cheap?

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Has human life really become so cheapened? 

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As our Thanksgiving get-together moved on through yesterday, I was reminded of all that we need be thankful for, and was especially reminded of the generations in our family.  I am now in the role of being a member of the senior generation.  We are, I guess, supposed to be wiser since we’ve managed to live longer thanks to the Lord’s plan for us.

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Thanksgiving Day 2015...

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Thanksgiving Day is far more than simply the prelude to Black Friday.  It is the day that we have set aside to remember and be thankful for all that is good in our lives.  It is the day that we pause and reflect on the life we are blessed to live in the United States.  It is certainly a day for giving special thanks to our Lord if we are believers.  It is a day for remembering those who have gone before us to maintain the freedom that we take for granted.

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