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Labor Day Means Time is Short

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Labor Day has been something of a marker at which point we usually become more adult and more tuned in to things other than enjoying the weather, taking vacations and generally living life more leisurely.

This Labor Day is important from another perspective.  It marks the time line when it becomes very important to determine where our state will be headed from a political perspective after the coming elections.  Given recent polling, it seems that we are quite schizophrenic as a people.  We have succumbed to false beliefs to the point where we are virtually dead-even in our support of both Mary Burke and of Governor Scott Walker.

There is, obviously, a strong memory of the changes made through Act 10.  For some, that is a good memory and for the rest it is a bad memory.  For the sitting Governor, Act 10 cuts in both directions.  For the Democratic candidate, ACT 10 only cuts in one direction; she gains from Act 10 since her typical voter was opposed to Act 10.  Mary Burke has managed to avoid making statements about what she supports or doesn’t support so her position continues to be fluid to the point that she is chameleon-esque.

There is the aura of a great deal of out-of-state money benefitting Governor Walker while that same aura doesn’t seem to apply to Mary Burke, except that it does apply.

The Governor cannot hide as can the candidate opposing him.  Burke has the ability to seem to say one thing while not going so far as to be held to her statements.  The Governor is held to his statements, notably the guarantee of jobs statement that he probably wishes he’d not have made. Mary Burke can make believe she doesn't like what the President stands for by avoiding standing on the same stage.

The Governor has the ‘pleasure’ of the press harping about John Doe investigations as this blog has pointed out on several occasions.  There has been a steady drumbeat on this subject that plays up to the people who don’t pay much attention to anything other than headlines.  The facts don’t matter much if you don’t pay any attention to those facts.  Federal courts have the luxury of delaying their final statements even though we all know there is no politics being played in the judicial system.  

The Potawatomi tribe’s withholding of a $25 Million payment was no accident.  The tribe thought it could help defeat the Governor if it started this brouhaha at just the right time.  It obviously would love to have a Doyle-like Governor since that is where their most recent sweetheart deal originated.  That also gave the Kenosha area Democrats a platform from which to attack the Governor.

Those of us who would re-elect our current Governor need to wake up and realize that the current Governor and the opposition candidate are in a dead heat.  We need to recognize that the press is the press and that it isn’t going to suddenly change its ways in the questionable and insinuating coverage of John Doe investigations.  We need to recognize that the Kenosha casino issue will be played against the Governor for all its worth.  We need to recognize that we are really in the position where a Doyle-like candidate could be taking the oath of office in a few short months.

Does this mean we simply shrink into the background and let the charade continue without poking holes in it when necessary?  No.  It does mean that we must become active during this last leg of the race.  If we have the wherewithal to do so, we must contribute.  If we can’t do that but we do have time available, we need to use our time wisely.  If we have a ‘bully pulpit’ like a blog, we have to make good use of that communications capability.  We have to talk to those who may not have decided which person to support.

There are about two months remaining before this epic vote is taken.  If we favor Mary Burke, we can just sit back and let things unfold.  If we favor re-electing Governor Walker, then we’d better get our collective act together.  This situation is serious.

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