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How Will Hillary Fare?

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I continue to have this nagging feeling that Hillary Clinton will either not formally declare or will declare and then be brutalized in the fray leading to the national election for President.  She has succeeded in seriously damaging her carefully cultivated image, an image on which she has spent years.

She has an Arkansas history.  She married Bill and then proceeded to ignore his philandering.  She has somehow managed to remove Monica from her mind, but now Monica is surfacing once again.  She is at the heart of the questions on Benghazi.  She would be walking in the footsteps left by an increasingly unpopular sitting Democratic President for whom she worked and with whom she stood at the drawbridge of Benghazi.  She isn’t as sacrosanct with the media as she was at one time.  And, she can be a real nasty person when she is set off by something that comes at her from left field and which is unanticipated.

Benghazi is not going away unless and until the Republicans are not in control of the House.  If they succeed in taking control of the Senate on top of that, they are a very real force with which to be reckoned.  And, we may learn from hard evidence that there was a cover-up of some magnitude as I firmly believe.

The Administration continues to release certain Democrats from the unwritten rule they have to be fully supportive in all aspects of day-to-day politics.  The White House has even looked the other way on the subject of Benghazi for some Democratic candidates.

The Senate Majority Leader is doing Hillary no favors either with his increasingly petulant behavior and his continued dictatorial operation of the Senate to the point where no amendments are ever permitted on any bill and every bill has to be precisely what he wants.  That appears to be working to the detriment of the Dems according to polls we see on a regular basis.

Hillary is losing ground in the polls.  It seems that a price might well be extracted for all the reasons cited.  Maybe we are simply tired of Hillary and the political havoc she seems to be associated with over the decades we’ve known her.

I won’t be surprised.

Of course, the Republicans could do something dumb and negate all this adversity for Hillary.  Let us hope there is no shooting of self in the foot for the Republicans this time around.  Ideally the Republican candidate won’t have a dog in a travel cage on his or her automobile rooftop this time.

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