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Did He or Didn't He?

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Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) spent some two hours yesterday denying that he had anything to do with a plot by a couple of his subordinates to cause large traffic slowdowns on the George Washington bridge.

The politicos are all abuzz as the result.  Did he tell the truth?  Is he a bully?  What will this do to his chances of becoming the Republican nominee for President? 

Christie has made his bones as a politician who knows everything about his office.  He lives in the rough and tumble of New Jersey politics.  He has created an image as being fully aware, fully informed and in complete control of everything.  Now he claims to have had no knowledge of this dirty trick on the part of trusted subordinates who were his direct reports.

I have to doubt the veracity of his statement simply because it flies in the face of everything he has claimed to be for the past several years.  Will this die a nice quiet death?  I doubt that is possible in New Jersey politics, as I doubt it is possible in national Republican politics or in national Democratic politics.

Christie is out on a frail limb.  If he wasn’t telling the truth, that will become known. There are simply too many people interested in this story for the truth not to emerge.  This story will not go away until it has been poked and prodded and probed from every conceivable angle.  He is a flamboyant character and such characters draw scrutiny even when there is no ‘there’ there.  He is also a politician and politicians create long lists of political enemies.

If he really and truly didn’t know anything about this, is he even remotely qualified to be considered for the position of President of the United States?  Governors are often in better positions as presidential candidates because they have executive experience.  But, that executive experience had better be something one can point to with pride.

Chris Christie is ‘damaged goods’ and this may be something from which he’ll be unable to recover. 

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