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The "Duck Dynasty" Debacle

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The “Duck Dynasty” debacle is winding down.  It may have legs for another couple of days but the A&E announcement that the ban had been lifted pretty much killed the buzz.  That seemingly very early announcement made A&E look silly…and even a bit hungry to keep the money flowing from this brand.  The A&E organization earns some $400+ million annually from this, its most-viewed show.

A&E, in my estimation, did far more damage to itself than was done to the “Dynasty” brand.  The fans of that show never were going to become former followers.  If anything, this whole situation simply made fans even more ‘fan’atic than they had been.  Maybe that was part of the plan all along; we’ll probably never really know.

What really seemed to be lit off by this whole thing was the religious furor.  Those who have no time for religion were quick to brand the quote as they saw it:  It was unspeakable.  Who did this man think he was?  Has he no compassion? And on it went for several days.

Robertson, to his credit, didn’t blink.  A&E blinked ‘big time’.  The hubris A&E showed originally was made to look much smaller and much more like a staged event when A&E seemingly looked at its bottom line, their failure to force Robertson to apologize, and the fact that this show could’ve gone to any other venue it chose after the current contract ended.

The idea that A&E went headlong into the deal with “Duck Dynasty” having no idea of what the content of the various shows would hold is ridiculous.  They vetted this family before making the deal they made.  Their hubris seems hollow when you think about the vetting that had to have gone on.  If A&E was indeed surprised, there ought to be some pretty big heads rolling because that would’ve been unheard of in their world.  Did they not view this segment before it aired?  No way!  Finally, airing non-stop wall-to-wall “Duck Dynasty” shows through the holidays really tells the story.  This show is the biggest thing A&E has going and they felt they needed to at least try to mollify the segment of viewers that A&E could predict were going to be irate over the remarks.

I suspect that the “Duck Dynasty” brand has been enhanced.  Those who hated what that show conveyed still hate it.  Those who had not taken time to watch an episode probably will watch one if they haven’t already done so.

When the dust settles, A&E will still be around.  When the dust settles, “Duck Dynasty” will still be around and its ratings might well get better.

The one thing it did, though, was give the talking heads the fodder they needed over a slow holiday season.

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