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Get It Together Republicans!

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The internecine feud that flared up openly over the past several days between the differing elements of the Republican Party is very troublesome.  So long as that party is conflicted about what it is and what it is to do about various political situations, it will continue to shoot itself in both feet and wonder why it once again could not win a majority in the Senate.

The short story is that the Republicans cannot possible hope to defeat the Democrats for so long as Republicans think that one or another of its diverse elements is the enemy.  I suspect that, if this internecine feuding continues through one more national election cycle with the same result, we will see a third party evolve that will serve to house the disparate elements of those who are seen as being more conservative than the mother ship.

Should that occur, the Democrats will skate to victory time after time while the other side fights amongst itself.  The ultimate result is a true socialist state.

The problem seems to be that each element believes it has the high ground in this internal “debate” that appears to need to be waged by the flame-throwers that the press and the Democrats feed upon.  Presidential aspirations certainly bring out the worst in political parties but the Republicans have mastered the art of self-inflicted wounds leading to losses. 

It is very difficult, likely almost impossible, to solve these feuds when each of the parties to the feud believe they are in the right and the others are in error.  Of course, this leads to the only possible outcome and that is victory for whoever happens to be the Democratic Party nominee no matter his or her qualifications or lack of qualifications.

One would think that adults, if there are any involved in this prospective fiasco, could see this as plainly as the rest of us.  That brings me back to the fact, as a writer declared in the title of a book, politics is a ‘blood sport’.  While that usually refers to the rifts that occur within each party, it also applies to internecine warfare which is exactly what we’re now witnessing.

I am a member of neither party but my allegiances are certainly more aligned with the Republican positions since I am a conservative.  Apparently, however, I would be labelled as something less than a conservative for the statements made in this blog.  That is, to my mind, ridiculous. 

Internal squabbles cannot be permitted to perpetuate and accelerate our current dash toward socialism.

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