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The Realities of ObamaCare

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As the saga known as ObamaCare continues to unfold, more information becomes available almost on a daily basis.  The latest has to do with those who thought they had been among the fortunate few to have actually been able to enroll through the ObamaCare website.  Reportedly 25% of these enrollments have corrupted data sets and those were already sent to insurers.

ObamaCare repairs must be made to the system that generated these records incorrectly.  The records contained incomplete data, and simple errors thus creating an impossible task for the insurers given their inability to determine actual people given the data anomalies.  This for the most part has to do with the system not properly communicating the data, in the 834 format scheme, from ObamaCare to the respective insurance companies that need the data to load new covered people into their system to enable premium statements being sent and ID cards being cut and issued.

The insurers are helpless in many of these situations since they do not have data with which to be able to contact the right people.  The insurers must rely upon those driving the ObamaCare bus to get the right data to them in time for premiums to be paid for the January 1st coverage to be effective.

This brings the process down to the individual level; these problems are no longer simply items being reported in the press.  These problems are real for those who are involved…and they may not know their data was sent in a corrupted manner until it is too late to bind coverage for January 1st.

The ObamaCare roll-out is no longer some ethereal thing we read about and hear about.  It now has names and faces written on it…even if some of those names and faces are unknown at the moment.  This fiasco is about to become very, very real for people.

The problems people have already identified are coming to fruition.  Narrow networks used to drive pricing down result in physicians not being available.  Yesterday, Ezekiel Emanuel on Fox News said that you can have your doctor if you’re willing to pay for him or her.  That has a nice sound to it, but it is virtually impossible to quickly single out individual physicians for a better compensation scheme given contracts already in place at the lower numbers.  If and when that occurs, other providers will demand better compensation, etc.  That will result in the need to herd cats into the proverbial burlap sack yet again. 

None of this is the kind of stuff that can be corrected overnight in spite of what the people who created and are hard-selling ObamaCare now say. 

This will get much worse before it gets any better.  Unfortunately, especially for those who have no alternative.

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