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ObamaCare Site Issues

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Included among the most recent news articles concerning ObamaCare are the very concerning pieces involving the security of the website through which the government gathers all the information it requires to process applications for health care coverage. 

Okay, so the website must be secure, right?  Even the government must know how damaging this information can be in the wrong hands, right?

Apparently there is no security; that is concerning since the site requires all kinds of personal data.

The personal data required includes your date of birth, address, telephone number and so on.  It also requires that you enter your social security account number, etc.  The website also links up to the other government agencies which are part of the process like the Internal Revenue Service.

Basically, you are required to expose virtually anything and everything you’ve ever been taught not to disclose in order to enroll in an ObamaCare health plan.

Security firms have looked at the system and were astounded to find that there were no data protection safeguards apparent anywhere in the ObamaCare website/enrollment system.  They have testified to this fact, and further have stated that their techies can penetrate anything in the website in a few minutes.  There is no security.  Period!

They have also warned that this is critical not only for the individuals whose data is readily available for whatever purposes for which the hackers decide to use it.  It is critical since foreign countries (can you say CHINA?) have had fully funded and well-orchestrated spying operations aimed at every sector of the government and could use the ObamaCare site as the initial entry point for those purposes.

How is it that such an expensive project, a project that is so critical to ObamaCare, could have been so haphazardly constructed?  How is it that our federal government does not have the knowhow to manage such a site build project?  Who made these decisions?  Is there a chimpanzee somewhere that is managing the entire effort by tossing darts at a board?

This has gotten to the point of being ridiculous, of being absolutely embarrassing.  And yet, the President seems oblivious.  He is still out touting how grand his latest creation is going to be.  He is trying to get the ObamaCare program far enough down the road to assure that nothing can be done except to accept the flawed program and to await the full take-over of the health care delivery system in our country.

Forget, for the moment, that there is currently no ability to convey accurate information to insurers or to make payments to insurers.  There is no apparent concern over the costs people are finding in their searches for plans.  There is no apparent concern over the fact that some health care providers have refused to be part of the various networks given concerns over reimbursement amounts or the government’s ability to eventually run their practice as it takes on the role of the 800 lb. Gorilla in healthcare.  There is no apparent concern over the flaws identified in the system that lies at the heart of this roll-out.

We are witnessing the fact that the President is not going to make any decisions on his own.  The Democratic leaders in both the Senate and House have conceded any moral high ground and are just blindly following the White House edicts.  This is such a blatant intentional ignoring of significant issues as to border on the criminal. 

That pure petty politics can be placed above the welfare of the entire country defies the imagination, but we’d better get used to it.  ObamaCare is apparently going to be implemented come hell or high water, so we’d better just get used to it and quit our whining. 

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