What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

Week 9 is here, who will get through to next weeks Semi-Final

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 Dancing with the Stars Week 9 had a combination of the traditional performances and an additional section where there is a trio competition where another Professional joins the teams. Both scores were combined to establish who would not be making it through to the Semi-Final.

As the show was broadcast on Veterans Day we at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Menomonee Falls would like to extend a complimentary Introductory Lesson to any veterans. For more information please visit our new website www.fadsmenomoneefalls.com or call (262) 251-2000 to schedule.


Starting the evening Amber had to perform a quickstep. The quickstep routine had a lot of classic elements and they did a good job maintaining frame and contact. I would have liked to have seen more stretch in the spine and creating a more dynamic picture. She is nursing an injury which limited her rehearsal time.


Total judges score 24


The trio dance was Merengue and this had energy and rhythm in abundance. A good performance! Additional scores 27


Leah went next and she performed the Tango.  She did a good job capturing the essence of this dance and I feel her personality fits it well. She has developed her presence through good posture but now she could improve her quality by allowing the movement to continue thought e arms.


Total judges score 27


Leah's trio dance was a spoof of the judging panel and was a high energy number that the audience loved. Week after week I see Leah grow in confidence as she gets more comfortable with ballroom dancing. She is a great advert for how anyone can gain pleasure from ballroom dancing. Additional score 27


Corbin followed with a waltz that was classic in its styling and had good execution. From a traditional standpoint his head position needs to be to the left in closed hold and his legs could have worked more to show the rise and fall. From a entertainment view it had very tender moments and nice musicality.


Total judges score 28


His trio dance was a jazz number and it is interesting to see the star teaching the teacher as he has a jazz background. One of the biggest challenges contestants face in dancing with the stars is learning the skills required to make two people dancing together as one. A number that has hardly any partnership dancing doesn't have the same difficulty level as a man leading movement and a lady following. That said his lines, musical interpretation and performance was excellent but it is not comparing apples with apples. Additional score 30


Jack was hoping to impress the judges with his Viennese Waltz, he showed a nice frame which he was able to keep to the fast tempo of this dance. He has really developed his technique and the way he uses his legs and feet enabled him to make this look easy. I did think he could have had a little more content in the routine as sometimes he was static and Cheryl was bending, dipping and kicking around him. Otherwise it was very good.


Total judges score 29


Doing the Samba in his trio jack had his hands full with his Jungle bookie themed number. I was actually really impressed with his ability to dance with two partners and what he was lacking in technique he made up for with performance and sheer fun. Additional score 25


Bill danced a Charleston that wasn't very well received by the judges. Te difficult nature of this dance highlighted timing issues and that there was rhythm lacking in this performance. He is such a well liked gentleman.


Total judges score 21


Hoping to bounce back Bill did a scrumpdiddlyumpscious (excuse my spelling) Willy Wonka themed number. This was a crazy number that will certainly be talked about! Additional score 21


Elizabeth danced another Viennese Waltz and for someone who is an actress I was distracted but the awkwardness in her face in some parts in this dance. I would like to see her use her legs a little more as all actions should come from out of the floor otherwise they can look a little artificial.


Total judges score 26


Her trio dance was Salsa which I enjoyed a lot more than her previous dance. This was very intricate in some of the arm loops and putting her in a fringe dress was a smart move as it enhances movement and rhythm. Additional score 30.


Elizabeth was chosen as the contestant who had to leave the show this evening. It was great to hear about the journey she has been on and the many benefits she has received from dancing.


Next week is the Semi-Final so be sure to tune in to see what Fred Astaire would think of Dancing with the Stars !

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