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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Perfect Storm for Public Sector Unions?

Wisconsin, U.S., School Board, Economy, Political, MATC

I was surprised to see the results of the current Bureau of Labor Statistics annual survey of union membership.  There has been a decline in both union membership numbers as well as in the percentage of the total workforce that is part of a union.

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Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

Political, U.S.

Have we been part of the solution or part of the problem in Egypt?  Maybe the answer is yes; maybe we have been both part of the solution as well as part of the problem.

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Super Bowl Commercials

Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

Super Bowl commercials capture our attention to the degree that a 30 second spot costs millions of dollars.  We see some of the most inventive and creative commercials each year during the Super Bowl.  The Budweiser commercials are usually very well done.  The GoDaddy commercials usually feature a scantily clad young woman since everyone knows the old adage: “sex sells”.

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Back to Reality

Germantown, Wisconsin, Political

Reality is back with us Packer fans this morning.  We survived the hype leading up to the Super Bowl game, and our wonderful team lived up to our expectations.  Ted Thompson doesn’t seem as ignorant of football as we might’ve thought; Mike McCarthy was a great choice as coach…and Aaron Rodgers helped a determined group of players to their goal, a victory in Super Bowl XLV, in spite of even more injuries during this game.  IF the NFL can avoid a work stoppage for the coming season, we might even be in the hunt for another Lombardi Trophy.

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America's QB?

People Making A Difference, Potpourri

Aaron Rogers appears to have finally left the comparisons to Brett Favre behind with the Packers’ victory on Sunday.  That is good for him and for us; it was a tired theme by this point.

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State Teachers Union Drops Bombshell

Education, Germantown, Wisconsin, School Board, Taxes, Quality of Life

WEAC (the Wisconsin Education Association Council) made some significant news with a release of its plan for reformation of the Milwaukee school system and for changes in teacher evaluation statewide.  This appears to be a sign that WEAC understands the tide is turning from a political perspective, and that parents are increasingly alarmed about the quality and cost of the education system in Wisconsin.

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As If Food Doesn't Already Cost Enough...

Economy, Political, Quality of Life, Taxes

Our food prices are about to spike and we can thank the ethanol industry and government for that.  Corn futures prices increased again and this is in response to the threat that our reserves will be at the lowest point since 1996 by year’s end.

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A New Sheriff In Town

Wisconsin, Taxes, Political, Economy, Quality of Life

The new world of Wisconsin politics has unfolded rapidly since Governor Walker took office.  We should not be surprised, but we are, if just a little or a lot.  He told voters what he intended to do and he is taking steps to do it.  The first example was that of killing the ‘high speed rail’ project in Wisconsin.

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Village Buzz - February 14th

Village Buzz, People Making A Difference

Primary Election

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New MATC Union Agreement?

Taxes, MATC

The MATC union has announced a vote, to be held next week, on a new contract.  The union president, Michael Rosen, has indicated that this is merely coincidental with the actions just taken by Governor Walker.  The negotiations have been going on since last October and were not “fast-tracked” because of the new Governor’s proposals according to Rosen.

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Blood Sport?

Wisconsin, Taxes, School Board, County Board, Political, Village Board

Wisconsinites have been on a whirlwind ride since the election of Scott Walker as governor; it began even before he was sworn in when he began the process that is unfolding now.   He has taken on the challenge of restoring fiscal sanity to Wisconsin and has a Republican majority in the Senate and the Assembly that has, so far, appeared to be supportive.

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Adults or Children?

Wisconsin, Political, Economy

Some of the adults in our capitol seem to have managed to act like children…and not very well behaved children at that.  Some of the adults are not giving their young students a very solid role model after whom to pattern themselves.  Some of the adults have found it necessary to flee from the state they were elected to help govern.

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Where To From Here?

Wisconsin, Taxes, Political, Quality of Life

The state government stalemate that continues is taking its toll on us.  There are families torn as the result.  There are friends torn as the result.  There are church members who are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Politics can be hard on us all even if we are not directly involved.

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Village Buzz - February 23rd

School Board, Education, Germantown, Political

Germantown teacher retirements now number nearly twenty and there are several more, possibly up to another six, that are supposedly considering retirement.  The deadline was February 1st but the district would probably approve the remainder given the current situation.

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Who Will Blink First?

Wisconsin, Taxes, Quality of Life, Political, Economy

Who will blink first?  The Senate Democrats who are ‘living in exile’ or Governor Walker?  What if this continues for weeks on end?

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Hoop It Up!

Germantown, People Making A Difference, Education

The boys’ basketball regular season is over and what a season it was.  Coach Showalter has kept the team focused and the team has shown what it is capable of accomplishing.  Praise at this point might be premature with the WIAA tournament still ahead, but a 14-0 North Shore conference record is something to behold.

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Coming Visit to Madison

Wisconsin, Political, Quality of Life, Education, Taxes

Capitol access in Madison is a bit different these days than in the past.  I will be part of a group meeting in Madison on Wednesday.  Those sessions include visits with, in my case, Sen. Darling and Assemblyman Knodl.

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