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Hearts in Unity Tanzania

Sue Werner is the founder and director of Hearts in Unity, a local non-profit organization dedicated to a mission to feed, clothe and educate the orphan and at-risk children of Tanzania. Join us as we explore a world on the other side of the world and life in the small, remote villages of Tanzania, Africa. Karibu! Welcome!

Eyeglasses, Soap and a Toothbrush with Curves

Africa, children, Hearts in Unity, mission, orphan, Seela, Tanzania, Maring'a Juu

Gently used eyeglasses...  new toothbrushes...  those "free" travel size soaps from hotels...  Curves...

What do these items have in common? 

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A Gift Within the Pages of a Book

Africa, Children, Hearts in Unity, Seela, Tanzania, books

I tried to pick up and move my daughters backpack the other day and I just about threw my back out from the effort! 

Have you tried lifting the backpack of a middle school or high school student lately?  The backpack seams were straining against the pressure of the stack of thick textbooks, spiral notebooks and a myriad of school supplies.  I couldn't remember ever carrying that much weight in my own backpack -- even as a college student. 

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