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Hearts in Unity Tanzania

Sue Werner is the founder and director of Hearts in Unity, a local non-profit organization dedicated to a mission to feed, clothe and educate the orphan and at-risk children of Tanzania. Join us as we explore a world on the other side of the world and life in the small, remote villages of Tanzania, Africa. Karibu! Welcome!

"Piga Picha"

Tanzania, Africa, Hearts in Unity, Children, Orphan, Photo

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seela, Tanzania. I’m playing with the children outside. A little boy, probably about 7 years old motions to me to follow him. He has a shy smile on his face and he speaks quickly and with a measure of determination. I pick out the Swahili words “njoo” (“come”) and “nyumbani” (“at home”). “You want me to come to your house? Mimi na wewe? Nyumbani yangu?”

He nods. So we go hand in hand. We walk down the dirt road a short way and then down a narrower dirt path to his home.

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The Mail's Here!

Postcards, Tanzania, Hearts in Unity, Letters, Children

I was thinking of mailboxes on the drive home last night.

I was returning from Ascension Lutheran Church in Waukesha where I spent a delightful evening with a confirmation group there (thanks Christopher, for the warm invitation!). The confirmation students and their parents learned about “Life in Tanzania” through vivid photos and captivating stories direct from the villages on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro where we do our work through Hearts in Unity.

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Sights on a Cow

Tanzania, Seela, Hearts in Unity, Children, Africa, Orphan

There is a very special group of students at Kennedy Middle School who have their sights on a cow. And they have embarked on their own unique journey to help make a difference in the lives of orphan and other at-risk children on the other side of the world in Tanzania. Africa.

What set these students on this path?

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Have Plans for the Weekend?

Tanzania, Seela, Hearts in Unity, Africa, mission

I would like to personally extend a warm invitation to all in the community to join us at Holy Cross Lutheran Church this coming weekend.

At our worship services on February 27th and 28th, the congregation’s global partnership with Seela Parish in Tanzania, Africa will take center stage.

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