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Hearts in Unity Tanzania

Sue Werner is the founder and director of Hearts in Unity, a local non-profit organization dedicated to a mission to feed, clothe and educate the orphan and at-risk children of Tanzania. Join us as we explore a world on the other side of the world and life in the small, remote villages of Tanzania, Africa. Karibu! Welcome!

Returning to Tanzania

We will be traveling to the airport in just a few hours for our return to Tanzania. Follow our travel updates at You don't need your own Twitter account to read our updates. They are open for everyone to read. Welcome back to Tanzania with Hearts in Unity.

A Sabbatical from Social Networking

This summer I took a one-month sabbatical from all marketing and electronic social networking. No Twitter tweets. No Facebook updates. No blog writing. No updates to the Hearts in Unity website. No newsletters. No video productions. No presentations at schools, churches and to other organizations.

I wanted to prepare my heart and mind for my upcoming return to Tanzania. I wanted to take time to think about the beginning of Hearts in Unity years ago, and where we have come so far in this mission. I wanted quiet time to contemplate the future of the Tanzanian children we support, and to consider how we might best be a part of their future.

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