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The Beer Guy

Dave Richmond has combined his work with his love of beer for more than eight years with the Madrigrano families, and is now Global Brands Manager at Beer Capitol Distributing-Lake Country in Sussex. In his position, Dave is responsible for coordinating the marketing and merchandising programs for all the Global brands. The beer products featured in his blog are primarily those distributed but not limited to by Beer Capitol Distributing Lake Country.

It is Summer , right?

Well as the calender changes over to summer we can only hope that the weather does as well.  Because with that brings picnics, parades and festivals.  I love this time of year due to the fact that there some many new beers to try.  New Glarus, Capital, Leinies, Sierra Nevada are just a few of the breweries with summer beers to try.

Hopefully the budget item that was added is vetoed out by our governer so that the craft breweries in our state are not hamstrung by the added motions done by Miller Coors and the state Wholesalers.  I thought it was a shady way of getting some items past in the dark of night.  The craft breweries were in agreement on a lot of the items in the motion but never saw the final version.  This all could have been avoided with open communication between the wholesaler association and the brewers guild.(I am a former employee of a beer wholesaler-full disclosure).  Time will tell how this all plays out.

Drop me a note in the comment section of new beer you have discovered and I will do my best to try them and give you my opinion.


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