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Curmudgeon's Corner

cur-mud-geon: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner

Hot Home Market?

Quality of Life, Political, Economy

I was listening to the radio as background sound this morning when I heard a home inspection education service touting how great the home sales market was and how many home inspectors were needed to fill the void today.

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What Will It Take?

Economy, Political, Quality of Life, Taxes, U.S.

What will it take?  What will it take for us, who profess to be adults, to finally accept the fact that our economy is in a world of hurt?  What will it take to finally understand that we, the United States of America, really do have a spending problem…as in “we spend too much”?

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How About Some Wealth Redistribution?

Potpourri, Quality of Life, U.S.

The Gallup organization conducted a poll exploring how we feel about the concept of redistributing wealth.  I guess that might be viewed as sort of a ‘Robin Hood’ approach to evening out the access to money.

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Village Buzz - June 6th

Village Buzz, Village Board, Political, Germantown, County Board

Every ten years we revise our voting districts to reflect the findings of the decennial census.  That process is going on now in Germantown and in the county and the state.  There are population targets that guide this process and sophisticated software developed at the state level is used to draw the maps.

There was a General Government and Finance (GGF) Committee meeting held on May 24th where the process was moved from the Village Clerk’s office, where a committee had been formed and had begun the project, to the Board.  There is nothing that stipulates where the process must be completed so the Board is fully within its power to make these calls.

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Protest Candidates?

Political, Wisconsin, Quality of Life

Is a ‘protest candidacy’ the right thing for Republicans to do in the coming recall elections?

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Political, U.S.

Newt Gingrich appears to be history so far as his run for the nomination as the Republican candidate for president.  While couched in gentle terms, the bailout by virtually all of his key campaign staff members was caused by Callista.  Her insistence that Newt essentially run a part-time campaign is at the heart of the staff’s decision, and that part-time issue was epitomized by the two-week cruise she insisted they take.

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Chris Matthews Is Reassuring

Political, Quality of Life, U.S.

Chris Matthews (Hardball) on Rep. Weiner:

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The End Or Only The Beginning?

Wisconsin, Political, Economy, Taxes

Is this the end of the court battles in Madison or only the beginning?  The decision yesterday afternoon had been expected since the Circuit Court of Judge MaryAnn Sumi appeared to observers to have overstepped its bounds in the earlier decision that the legislature had violated open meetings laws thus negating the law it had passed in that session.

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Weiner Fatigue About to End

Political, U.S.

Weiner fatigue apparently will end soon since he will announce today that he will resign his seat in the House of Representatives.  That will certainly be a relief although I suspect it will not be welcome news to late night TV show hosts.

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Father's Day 2011

People Making A Difference, Quality of Life

Father’s Day has had different meanings for me over time.  My dad was 47 years old when I was born in his second marriage.  His standing joke was that he and mom might have had another child until they saw what I was turning out to be.  He was a bit too old to be outdoors playing ball with me or taking me fishing.  He was still my dad and he was a strict disciplinarian.  I got more than one ‘spanking’ and knew whenever I did something I shouldn’t have done that I risked another.  He was human and had his share of issues, but he loved me and I loved him.  I lost him to lung cancer at his age 81. 

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A Shortened Pledge...

Quality of Life, Potpourri

NBC cut the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday during the opening to the final round of the U.S. Open tournament and found itself in a fire storm of complaints very quickly.  How does one make a ‘mistake’ with words that have been in the Pledge for scores of years? 

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Class Action Abuse & Frivolous Law Suits

U.S., Wisconsin, Quality of Life

The Wal-Mart class action lawsuit finding reminded me of just how often these suits are aimed at lining the pockets of the lawyers versus addressing the supposed grievances of the members of the class action group.

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Good News For Our Economy!

Germantown, Wisconsin, U.S., Quality of Life, Economy, Political

Finally it appears there is some good news on the state of our country’s economy.  The Chief Market Strategist for J. P. Morgan funds, David Kelly, said “It is very hard for these sectors to collapse when they’re already in the basement”.

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Washington County Conservative Citizens

Germantown, County Board, School Board, Village Board

A new organization exists in Washington County.  It is called Washington County Conservative Citizens and uses this symbol (W-c3) as shorthand for the name.  You can click here and go to that site.

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Justice For The Justices?

Wisconsin, Political, Quality of Life

We Wisconsinites are certainly making ourselves known across the land.  In the past several months, we have received more than a few “what the hecks?” from those looking in on us.

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The Lecturer in Chief Told Us!

U.S., Taxes, Economy, Political, Quality of Life

The Lecturer in Chief has deigned to give us the benefit of an hour of his time during which he engaged in the age-old Washington demagoguery tricks.  He chastised Republicans for not yet having rolled over and given in on more tax increases.  He reminded them that his daughters don’t pull ‘over-nighters’ to get their homework done.  He said Republicans ought to stay in Washington to get the job done rather than to go home for a week, etc., etc., etc.  The essence was: you know what needs to be done, so just do it.

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