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Great Kids, Great Families

St. Mary Parish School opened its doors in 1916 and has been providing a great education for its students ever since. The parents of St. Mary's will be contributing to this blog which will update the community on Great Kids; Great Families. Visit our web site at

Where Are They Now? St. Mary Alumni

Written for St. Mary Express Press Student Newspaper 

By: Emily M., Grade 6
Mrs. Harley’s mom had four daughters; two became teachers, one is a doctor, and one is a nurse.  She grew up right here in Menomonee Falls.

The school she went to is St. Mary’s starting in first grade because there was no kindergarten when she started to go school. Her mom went to St. Mary’s too! Mrs. Harley stayed at St. Mary’s until she graduated in 8th grade. She got the idea of being a teacher in sixth grade. When she went to school they didn’t have any specials, all they had was music, not even gym because they didn’t have a gym at the time.

They went to church a couple times a week and after church ended they had breakfast in class!! In the classrooms they didn’t have just ordinary teachers they had nuns.

After she graduated she went to Menomonee Falls High School. Then she went to Whitewater College where she studied to be a teacher. She also met her husband in college but he was a year older. They got married and raised one girl named Cathy, who is now a teacher too!

Mrs. Harley has a great life, a great family and a great job—she is a teacher here at St. Mary’s School! She taught students’ moms. She also probably taught you. She even taught the other sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Walker.

If you didn’t have her someday, you might. She’s a great teacher, and this is coming from one of her own students, me!

St. Mary Parish School Awarded $4,000 Music Grant

St. Mary Parish School was awarded a $4,000 grant from the Beihoff Music Fund. The school will use the funds to purchase a new portable, digital piano, and Apple MacBook computers, equipped with GarageBand software. 

“We are grateful to the Beihoff Music Fund for giving us this opportunity to further advance our music program,” said school Principal Linda Joyner.  “And we are very excited to offer our students the chance to work with this state-of-the-art music technology.” 

The new technology will enable St. Mary students to create, arrange, record and produce their own voice, instrumental and digital compositions, which will be used as part of the school’s annual musical productions. 

The music technology investment is a part of the school’s larger Technology Forward initiative, designed to maximize students’ exposure to computers and digital education, encouraging collaborative learning. In May 2008, the school received a $50,000 donation from alumnus and author John W. Schilling to support the school’s technology plans.

The Beihoff Music Fund was established in 1960 to aid elementary and secondary schools of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in the enhancement of their music programs.  The fund supports repair and purchase of musical instruments, sheet music and other legitimate expenses incurred by scholastic music programs. 

St. Mary Parish School has a rich history within the Menomonee Falls community, graduating over 30,000 students since opening its doors in 1916.  In 2008 the school launched Technology Forward, a campaign to engage students by delivering innovative curriculum via advanced educational technology.  To learn more about St. Mary Parish School call (262) 251-1050 or follow the link at

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